Is it possible to beat the Bookies?

Bookmaker – is a true professional in his field, a great connoisseur of all facets of the sport. Most of the players – the usual fans who like to sit around TV and watch football. The winner, of course, pros. They have analytical and mathematical abilities, usually with many years of experience of other players in the bookmakers!
Bookmaker when evaluating events takes into account many factors, and suggests steps  of the client. It has information that is not available to the player. And if it is available, the beginner player just does not know how to use it properly.
Bookmaker knows exactly where and what information he need to draw! He does analysis for each match for which he is to give odds (of course it is a solid offices, not local, which copy line). Bookmaker should know about the match the maximum that might know: recaps, game plan, plans for the season, the relationship between a team, birthdays coaches, players, presidents, days of the city – all the little things can play critical.
Also, do not forget that the bookmaker has the advantage initially on the line due to its margins.
Naturally, given the difference in levels of training the player and the bookmaker, most players are doomed to failure in the long game in the bookmakers.
However, this does not mean that the bookmaker can’t win.
Why win is possible in the bookmakers?
To win, you need to use its advantages.
What were the benefits of a player?
Bookmakers can not dwell on individual events and sports, and have (in particular, this causes their competition with each other) to provide a wide range of events. You also have no one bothers to focus on a few commands (or a tennis player) to thoroughly examine all the details of his or her capabilities in the upcoming matches. Take into account the physical and mental state of the team, to take into account the number of injured players, etc. Well, then you need to soberly assess the odds and place your bet. Yes, this player can be a fan of Manchester, and make a bet against it.
You can beat Sportsbook only by its own mistakes.
If the odds for a certain game do not correspond to the actual probabilities of the occurrence of any event, there are so-called “distortions” when one outcome rate is understated, but the opposite – too high. In this case, betting high odds are good to make a profit.
Consider the two main causes of “distortions” in the lines:
Errors of bookmaker’s analysts.
Unlike other casino games such as roulette, cards or dice, in sports betting probabilities of the outcomes are not clearly known. If throwing a dice, we can certainly say that the probability of a particular edge is 1/6, then the sport to determine the probability of any outcome of the match is not easy. To do this, there are bookmakers staff of analysts, which are involved in the definition of probability and drawing up lines for the upcoming sporting events. Despite the fact that in the preparation of quotations can be used by the supporting software, the last word still remains with the individual. Only person makes a decision about what odd to give on a particular outcome. And no matter how skilled this man was, he must make mistakes by definition
Conscious errors of bookmakers.
In addition, some bookmakers consciously make “mistakes” in the lines to increase their income and reduce risk. It works like this: knowing that the majority of people will put, say, a tennis player A, bookie deliberately lowers the coefficient on it, in the event of his winnings to minimize losses. Thus on the tennis player B, the bookie is to increase the ratio. In the end, it turns imbalance created deliberately.
This means that choosing the right objects using the bookmakers errors we can beat them!
The player has an important advantage over the bookies – RIGHT CHOICE.
The bookmaker is required to give odds for all matches. Even for those he does not understand or which has no opinion. Bookmaker can not thoroughly analyze each of the matches, which are in line. The player can concentrate on a few games and put only if you can find information that can greatly affect the outcome of an event. It suffices to find some imperfections in the day and this will already be enough for the game.





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