Correct Score Betting Strategy

Exact score prediction is one category of football bets you can make. Rather than betting on sides or totals, you bet both at once, essentially — picking the score at the end of a certain period (usually full-time).
A market will look like this:
Correct Score
Team One Draw Team Two
1-0 15.00 1-1 15.50 0-1 8.75
2-0 30.00 1-1 7.00 0-2 9.75
2-1 14.00 2-2 12.50 1-2 7.00
3-0 90.00 3-3 50.00 0-3 16.50
AOS 14.50
The betting form is self-explanatory. (AOS stands for any other score. The no goal bet, which is equivalent to 0-0, will sometimes be elsewhere on the page.)
Though the odds on seemingly plausible scores like 3-0 — 90 to 1! — might seem enticing, here at we strongly endorse not betting on any exact score above two goals for each team. The longer the odds, the greater the chance the bookmaker should be setting them even longer. If you just bet scores from 0-0 to 2-2, then you can make a tidy profit, though — exact-score bets have small vig.
Exact score bets are only offered in football, since other sports are too high-scoring. If a soccer game can pay out at 90.00 for a score of three-nil, imagine the length of the odds on NFL games, let alone NBA games!
You can bet on half-time scores, full-time scores, or both half-time and full-time scores! Remember that teams are trying to win matches, though, and not win matches at half-time, or at full-time by a certain score.
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