Football Betting Rules

Football betting rules can vary from each bookmaker. Before we get into some of the more general and across the board rules, we would recommend that if you have a query or are unsure about something then to contact your bookmaker for a final ruling.


The majority of football betting rules are actually pretty tough to break. If something seems out of place then the bookmaker will likely inform you before you cause and infraction.

It’s worth noting that many online bookmakers have pay-out limits for football betting. These range each bookmaker but can vary from £300,000 maximum pay-out up to £1milllion on a single bet.

All markets take into account injury time and stoppage time in football. So if you back a market which stakes ’90 minutes’ then this will include added time. It will not include extra time or penalty shoot outs and bets will have been settled after the initial 90 minutes.

Games which have been abandoned or postponed will generally be seen as void and your stake returned. Where you have these games as part of an accumulator bet, the games will simply be removed from that accumulator and the odds adjusted accordingly.





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