Quick Handicap Rules & Odds

To get the best winning opportunities in Asian handicap soccer betting, you’ll need to understand how Asian handicap odds work. They might look complicated at first but are actually quite easy to understand. When you’re looking through the lists of matches, they’re presented in different ways:
Asian Handicap 0.5
Lets take an example soccer match – Juventus vs Barcelona.
Bet365 are offering Asian handicap odds – Juventus -0.5 at 6/4 or 2.5, Barcelona at +0.5.
So this market is for Juventus to win by at least one goal. They can’t win by 0.5 goals, because you can’t score half a goal. So there’s no draw result for your bet, but the match itself could end up as a draw of course. If Juventus do win, they must win by more than half a goal.
Asian Handicap 0
This bet is offered when the teams are fairly level in ability. Here you are really betting without the draw being an option for the final result. You win the bet if your selected team wins, your stake is returned if a draw.
Asian Handicap 1
If you place a bet on a -1 handicapped selection, you will need your team to win by at least 2 goals.  If your team only wins by one goal then you get your stake refunded.
If you bet on the team who is quoted +1 (a one goal lead handicap) then your bet wins if they win or draw. If your selected team lose by one goal then your stake is refunded.
This can be a good value bet if you think the underdog in a match can win (and that does happen regularly). If the underdog in this handicap can play well and avoid losing by more than one goal then you will not lose the bet.
1.5 Handicap
In this bet you’re choosing the -1.5 handicap team to win by two or more goals.
If you bet on the team which has a 1.5 start then you win if that team wins or draws the match. You also win if the team loses by one goal.
Of course, it does not end there. You will also see bets at 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, and so on.
Double Asian Or Split Handicap Betting
Now it gets a little more complicated. Split balls or double Asian. Sometimes you may see a handicap expressed as + or – 0.25 goal start (sometimes written as 0, 0.5). This means that half your stake is on your team with a 0 goal handicap, and half with a 0.5 goal handicap.
The best way to understand split-balls is to imagine you are having two separate bets with your stake being split equally between the 2 component handicaps. So in double Asian handicap bets the bet you are placing is split into two parts.
Juventus (-0.5,-1) vs Barcelona (+0.5,+1)
Here half of your stake is placed on Juventus at minus 0.5 a goal and the other half on Juventus at -1.





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