Why Advertise with Picks Kenya?
If you’re looking to reach a dedicated audience of males, ages 18-65, with disposable income and an interest in sports,  Picks Kenya is your advertising solution. 
The Picks Kenya Demographic
– 80% male
– Proven Gamblers and Online Purchase Converters
– Average income of $5,000+
– Interests include sports, autos, alcohol, family travel, electronics
– Geographically scattered with a more concentrated rural and Urban Kenya base than many male demographic sites
The Picks Kenya Client Success Model
Pregame believes that the value of advertising to our clients is in end results. To achieve a successful campaign and fulfillment of your IO, Picks Kenya employs both traditional online methods as well as multi-channel methods.
– Onlinebanners in 120×600, 125×125, 468×60 and 798×100 sizes
– Contextual text advertising within our feature content
– Targeted solo emails to our subscriber base of over 219,000
– Contextual text mentions within our daily email content
– One-to-one promotion and marketing via our online forum and dedicated phone associates





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