Surebets Calculator ?

Surebets Calculator ?

A sure bet is a bet on which you can make profit, whatever the result of the match.
The high competition between bookmakers enables to make a winning bet whatever the final result.
The Pronopro service gives this service to its users. Click on « open bet » and then on « surebets ». You will find all the bets almost in real time. The odds rapidly change that is why we advise you to be careful when you bet.
You just need to click on « calculate » to spread your bet according to the odds.
Do you want to know the way the surebets are calculated?

Here are the odds that we could find a match:
Victory at home (1) : 1,60
Draw (N) : 4,75
Away victory: (2) : 8,50

You need to divide the number 1 with each odd:
1 / 1.60 = 0.625
1 / 4.75 = 0.210
1 / 8.50 = 0.117 7

That is what you need to bet on each result for a global bet of 1 euro.

The sum of the 3 results is less than 1 euro. You make a surebet.
Your profit in this case is of 4,89% whatever the result of the match.
To make things easy for you, our technicians have imagined a calculator which calculates for you.

Under « tools » click on Surebets calculator. Type the amount you want to play as well as the different odds you found and the « calculate » button deals with everything for you! It’s easy, isn’t it ?





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