SureBet How it works ?

SureBet How it works ?

You bet all the possible results (1N2) and you are certain to win.

Each bookmaker suggests more or less different odds according to the match, the risks, the allocated amounts and the competitors!

In order to win you need to play all the possible combinations at different bookmakers (for instance Football: 1N2, tennis 12 etc..).

In our Sure bet section, you will easily find the matches, the different bookmakers as well as the odds suggested, the sharing out to do at the different bookmakers’ (according to their odds) and the profit you are supposed to register.

The sure bets come and go, particularly those who deal with bettings with instable odds which can change in the blink of an eye! That is why you need to be quick

You have to know that the information is not exactly given in real time since the rapidity vary from one bookmaker to the other. It depends on the way we have access to their system of odds. Our team constantly works on the addition of new bookmakers but also on the improvement of the rapidity of the passing on of the bookmaker’s existing data.

You should quickly get the best ways to bet. Here are some pieces of advice:

  • Keep your account information in a place easy to access.
  • Keep the windows of the different bookmakers
  • Have a look at the balance of your account before you start the first bet in order to avoid a deposit during the investment. You may also have reached the daily limit of your credit card.
  • Check the beginning of the match. Don’t try to make a sure bet just before the game, you might be caught off your guard if you don’t have time to react in case something unexpected were to happen.
  • Don’t overwork yourself. Take a break or stop when you’re tired. You could make mistakes or take the risk to lose everything you’ve worked for.


When you make a surebet, you need to place the bets quickly and in order to prevent a change in the odds. You have to do this with the windows of the bookmakers open. Then while choosing the event, key in the amounts of bets. Do it with all of them until the confirmation of the bets before you definitely confirm the first bet.


The order of the bets is essential. You need to start with the bet(s) that are less likely to be accepted.

Some bookmakers (and all the bets exchanges) tell the amount of the stake accepted / available for the bet, before validation of the bet, but some don’t. Therefore you may find yourself with half of the bet done (1 bet out of 2) which means you will have to bet for the second bet with the second best odds if possible. To avoid this kind of situation, start with putting the most risky bet at the stake limitation level.

Concerning the bets dealing only with bet exchanges, start with putting the bet which has the weakest liquidity since it is more likely to disappear during the placement of the bets.

Using the Dutching Calculator :

  • The ideal surebet consists in having calculated stakes so that the winnings are the same whatever the final result may be.  For practical reasons, we round up the stakes to the nearest figure which will give slightly different profit by result. For each possible result, we are able to know the profit if the result is to be confirmed.
  • You can manually adjust the odds. For instance, you have a look at a bet exchange and you see the odds are slightly lower than the odds we suggest in PRONOPRO.  Type in the new odds, click on the button « recalculate »  and visualize the profits and the sharing out of the amounts to play.
  • The calculator allows you to try this process with other odds than the best odds available. This can be very useful :
    • You don’t have an account open (or enough money) where the best odds are but you need an other provider with odds almost as attractive.
    • The odds have been updated while you were working on the calculator « sharing out of stakes »
The general rule is to check the odds haven’t changed. If so, use our calculator « sharing out the stakes » in order to know the exact amount to play. When everything is fine you can bet





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