How to place a wager on soccer game

If you’re a bettor getting ready to place a wager on an important soccer game, then learning some soccer betting tips might be high on your list-especially if you have never wagered on a soccer game before. Although most bettors will have their own methods and strategies when it comes to placing bets, there are still some soccer betting tips that can help you make sense out of your selections.
To begin with, the handicap is almost always better than playing the money line. Why? Because the handicap relies on elements that can be researched and strategized, this gives the bettor a certain edge when it comes to placing a wager. Although soccer has normally been bet using a money line, in order to win a bet, the bettor has to either pick the draw or the winning team. Almost 30 percent of soccer games end in a draw so if a bettor backs a particular team and the games ends in a draw, the bettor will lose their wage.
For the most part, people get upset if they lose their money in a draw. After all, you wouldn’t be very likely to play Blackjack if you thought that the odds of the dealer winning on a push were good.
Today, using a point spread system has become popular and a lot of soccer betting tips point to using this form of wagering. When it comes to money lines, teams playing away games are have a less likely chance of winning than away teams do in other sports. It can be difficult to bet on the away team since visiting teams oftentimes draw.
Bookmakers’ holds on soccer money lines are much bigger than those of other North American sports. However, when betting on a spread, instead of a money line, the hold is lowered which gives bettors and handicappers a bigger edge. With the point spread, the house edge is around 4.5 percent, compared to the house edge of 11 percent on a money line.
Soccer is a very low scoring game in comparisons to other North American sports. A half point on a spread can make a difference in whether or not a game is won and from a handicapping perspective that is huge. Wagering is more flexible when using the soccer point spread. One of the most common soccer betting tips is that a winning wager can be had on the underdog if the underdog wins by only 1 goal.
In order to have a good season, you have to use every possible edge. Although you might get a better value in point spreads, sometimes money lines will be smarter. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you consider all of your options.
A strong team should really only be bet on when they have a need to qualify and strong strengths. For that reason, understanding the sports and researching the teams is very important. At the early stages of the tournaments, bettors should watch the teams carefully and try not to wager strongly until the last few rounds.
There are many websites, books, and articles out there with soccer betting tips. However, most professionals will tell you that it is better to understand the players and teams, to take their weaknesses into consideration, and to develop your own betting strategy.






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  1. Kingori Avatar

    Very intresting. Handicaps are very confusing though

  2. Claries Avatar

    I love the game and i pray to God i win the game because i need some money to help my family thank you all

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