This form of bet is called a Full Coverage multiple bet, because what it offers is complete coverage on all possible combinations of bets from just three selections. The Patent bet combines all Singles, Doubles and a Treble from three market selections, and bundles them up into one package for the potential of some very big profit. Some Full Cover bets do not include singles, but the Patent does, and it is the upgrade from a Trixie bet, which builds from three selections also, but doesn’t cover the single selections. So a Patent bet gives you total coverage from just three selections. Within a Patent, you have the three Single bets, a total of three combinations of Double Bets and the one Treble bet which can be built from that trio of selections. So that all gives you a total coverage of seven bets for this type of bet, one which is very popular with horse racing and soccer betting. Why? The potential returns are great for landing just three winning selections. 
Patent Bet Example
So what is a Patent bet in terms of stake and payout? Well the first thing to note about a Patent bet, is that you will be making seven separate bets. What does this mean in relation to your stake? Well, it means that you will have to pay out seven times the value of your initial unit stake. For example, if you were to stake £1 on a Patent, your actual stake would be £7, one pound each for the seven bets involved in the bet. The jackpot here in a Patent bet would be seeing all three selections win, naturally. For example, if you had three selections at 8/1 and they all came up trumps in your Patent, all for a total combined stake of £7 then the profit margin is almost £1000 pounds. This is because you will be winning Three Single Stakes, Three Double Bets and the hugely profitable Treble. Just landing a Treble with these example odds rings up a nice total of over £700 profit for your stake of £1 on it. So this is the huge potential of Full Coverage Multiple Bets. 
But what a Patent also offers is excellent coverage. Lets say that in this example of three selections at 8/1, one of the selections fails to win, there would still be over a £90 profit from your £7 stake. Naturally you are going to build a Patent with selections which have varying odds, and so in those instances you may slip a Banker in at shorter odds to form the cornerstone of your bet, and then make two selections at longer odds. Naturally if one of your selections are going to go down, you’ll want it to be the shortest priced one! While one losing selection in Patent will ruin your big payout from the Treble, with the right odds in place you can still have the insurance of some profit coming back off the other two winning selections. This is because you still land two single winning bets as well as the double off two successful selections. 
So there is still profit to be made with the Patent bet due to its high coverage. So in summary to the question of what is a Patent bet? It is a Multiple Coverage bet built from three selections. Multiple bets are hugely popular because they do offer the chance of taking high returns for a relatively low stake on the bet. The more you vary the prices of your starting single selections, the more coverage you are going to take for yourself, because the trade off is looking for more certain shorter odd bets to secure at the very least a Double in your Patent, and then hoping a longer odds single comes up to really boost the profit from that elusive big Treble. That is the real moneymaker of a Patent Bet. 





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