13 Points to consider when looking for Football Tips or Soccer Picks

  1. Is there any of the teams good players injured or suspended?
  2. Is there any good players back from suspension or injury?
  3. Have the team got a new talented player?
  4. Have the opposing striker started to hit the goal more frequently?
  5. Previous outcome of the game
  6. Team morale and confidence.
  7. A revenge or grudge game
  8. Manager status, new manager? Is manager about to be sacked?
  9. Playing against ex-players or manager.
  10. Distances to travel, extent of traveling support.
  11. Do the team have good substitutes or will the team fall apart by missing one or more key players.
  12. Need to win factor such as promotion, relegation, etc…
  13. Is it late season and the team close to the 1st position or close to the cup positions? (This means they will fight or they are nervous), or close to relegation (which means they will fight for every point).





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